Before applying electrode pads, be sure to wash the skin with warm soapy water to remove any dirt, oil or creams that may be present on the skin. The presence of oils and debris can degrade electrode pads and cause problems with adhesion. 

Electrodes are usually first placed where the greatest pain is felt or, on certain acupuncture points nearest to where the pain is felt (download the Body Map for popular pain points).

It is best to try different electrode positions until you find the most comfortable, effective position for you.

Using the Body Map, you can locate the most effective points in accordance to your pain condition.

WARNING: Do NOT place electrodes across the chest or the front of the neck.

Where only one pair of points is shown, use only one channel of a dual-channel TensCare machine.

Try to establish which of the paired positions bring you the greatest relief.

Also, try moving the electrodes short distances to establish the positions that are most effective for you.

For those symptoms not illustrated apply the electrodes around the source of the pain or seek advice from your medical advisor.

Dermatomes (see Dermatomes)

Another method of placing electrodes is by locating DERMATOMES. These are the nerves from each vertebra in the spine which cover a particular part of the body. 

Stimulating with TENS anywhere in the areas indicated will counteract the pain generated in the same area.

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