An Introduction To Faecal Incontinence-TensCare Ltd

An Introduction To Faecal Incontinence

There are treatment options to manage faecal incontinence, including pelvic floor muscle training, electrical stimulation, drugs and surgery. TensCare’s Incontinence range of devices can help with Pelvic Floor Exercises, especially as many who suffer from faecal incontinence have trouble identifying the muscles that comprise the pelvic floor.
An Introduction To Urinary Incontinence-TensCare Ltd

An Introduction To Urinary Incontinence

Incontinence is a very personal problem that many people understandably do not want to admit to, or perhaps even worse, seek help for. It is sad to think that so many suffer in silence, especially when in most cases, patients can be helped to manage and even cure the condition and return to a more normal lifestyle.