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Note: TENS unit is NOT included.

The iSock uses a newly developed ‘Silver Stim’ conductive fabric which, when damp, allows the stimulation from the TENS unit to pass throughout the foot to improve bloodflow, mobility and to provide relief from pain.

The iSock works in the same way as an electrode pad but targets the whole of the foot. It receives the electrical impulses from a TENS or EMS unit and conducts these though the silver thread within the garment. It stimulates the nerve endings and relieves the symptoms of foot pain and arthritis, reduces swelling, and rehabilitates muscles to increase mobility.

The thin and flexible fabric of the iSock means it can be worn under clothes and while moving around, so you can reduce pain and return to an active lifestyle.

This item requires an EMS or TENS unit, Recommended TENS machines for use with are iSock are the Perfect TENS and the Sports TENS.

Ensure your iSock is damped with a little water before use.

iSock is washable by hand in warm water, and should be dried naturally.

SKU medium (UK Size 3-6) : K-SOCK

SKU large (UK Size 5-9) : K-SOCK-L

2 x iSock (1 pair)
1 x Adapter lead
2 x 50x90mm electrode pads

• Washable and reusable
• Compatible with our range of TENS units
• Perfect for arthritis, achy feet and other foot pain
• Soothes aches with a warming sensation
• Improves circulation and bloodflow
• Relaxes joints and reduces inflammation
• Relieves pain and improves mobility

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