If you are in any doubt about any of these warnings please consult your medical adviser.



Do NOT use if you have a pacemaker (or if you have a heart rhythm problem) or with any electronic devices. Using this unit with electronic devices may cause erroneous operation of the device. Stimulation in the direct vicinity of an implanted device may affect some models.

Do NOT use during the first three months of pregnancy. It is not known whether TENS and EMS may affect foetal development.

Do NOT use on the abdomen in the later stages of pregnancy. Stop using immediately if you experience unexpected contractions.



Do NOT use when driving, operating machinery, or similar actions needing muscular control. Loose electrode pads, damaged leads, or sudden changes in contact may cause brief involuntary muscle movements.

Do NOT use to mask or relieve undiagnosed pain. This may delay diagnosis of a progressive condition.

Do NOT use if you have, in the area being treated: active or suspected cancer or undiagnosed pain with a history of cancer. Stimulation directly through a confirmed or suspected malignancy should be avoided as it may stimulate growth and promote spread of cancer cells.

Do NOT use electrodes near the thorax as this may increase the risk of cardiac fibrillation.

Do NOT use optional electrodes on the front of the neck. Stimulation on the front of the neck can affect your heart rate or cause contraction of the throat.

Do NOT use optional electrodes across the chest. Very strong 11 stimulation across the chest may cause an extra heartbeat. Do NOT use Uniglo while simultaneously connected to high frequency surgical equipment as it may result in burns at the site of stimulator electrodes and possible damage to the stimulator.

Do NOT use Uniglo in close proximity (e.g. 1 m) to a shortwave or microwave as this may produce instability in the stimulator output.

Do NOT use the FACE 1 or FACE 2 programmes if you have metal implants in the head or neck area.

Do NOT use the FACE 1 or FACE 2 programmes if you have Botox injections in the application area.

Do NOT use the FACE 1 or FACE 2 programmes for 6-8 weeks following collagen injections.

Do NOT use the FACE 1 or FACE 2 programmes for 1 year following a Retin A or Ro-Accuntaine treatment. This medication used in the treatment of acne can cause thinning of the skin.

Do NOT use any charger other than the one supplied. Use of other chargers could be hazardous.

Do NOT use the device whilst charging.



Caution should be used if you have a bleeding disorder as stimulation may increase blood flow to the stimulated region.

Caution should be used if you have suspected or diagnosed epilepsy as electrical stimulation may affect seizure threshold.

Caution should be observed when using the device at the same time as being connected to monitoring equipment with body worn electrode pads. It may interfere with the signals being monitored.

Caution should be used following recent surgical procedures. Stimulation may disrupt the healing process.

Do not permit use by children unable to understand the instructions or persons with cognitive disabilities, i.e., Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

Keep away from children under 5 years of age. Long cord - risk of strangulation in infants.

Caution should be observed when using the Uniglo at high strength settings. Prolonged use at high settings may cause muscle injury or tissue inflammation. The Uniglo is capable of delivering outputs in excess of 10 mA (RMS) or 10 V averaged over any period of 1 sec.

There are no user serviceable parts. No modification of this equipment is allowed.



On skin, which does not have normal sensation. If the skin is numb too great a strength may be used, which could result in skin inflammation.

On broken skin. The electrode pads could encourage infection. • On the front of the neck. This could cause the airway to close, giving breathing problems. May cause sudden drop in blood pressure (vasovagal response).

Over the eyes. May affect eyesight or cause headaches.

Across the front of the head. Effect on patients who have had strokes or seizures is not known. May affect your sense of balance. The effects of stimulation on the brain are unknown.



Do not ignore any allergic reaction to the electrode pads: If a skin irritation develops, stop using TENS, as this type of electrodes may not be suitable for you. Alternative electrode pads specially made for sensitive skin are available.

Do not use this device with leads or electrode pads other than those recommended by the manufacturer. Performance may vary from specification. Electrodes with smaller surface area may cause tissue irritation.

Electrode pads supplied have no measurable latex content.



Do not immerse your device in water or place it close to excessive heat such as a fireplace or radiant heater or sources of high humidity such as a nebulizer or kettle as this may cause it to cease to operate correctly.

Keep the device away from sunlight, as long-term exposure to sunlight may affect the rubber causing it to become less elastic and crack.

Keep the device away from lint and dust, as long-term exposure to lint or dust may affect the sockets or cause the battery connector to develop a bad contact.

Temperature & Relative Humidity of storage: -10°C to +45°C (≤ 3 months), 45% to 75% R.H. Temperature & Relative Humidity of transportation: -10°C to +60°C, 45% to 75% R.H.

Do not attempt to open or modify the unit. This may affect the safe operation of the unit and will invalidate the warranty.

There are no known side effects to use and long- 13 term use is not harmful. However, the device works your muscles and unaccustomed amounts of exercise may produce muscle ache. If this happens, simply reduce the strength of the machine, or allow your muscles to rest until the aching disappears.


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