TensCare Sports TENS: Review from Jordan Thomas-TensCare Ltd

Here at TensCare, we always love getting feedback on our products, and constantly strive to improve on what we provide to our customers.

Hence, occasionally, we like to give our products a stress-test, to see how they perform under more taxing conditions.

The best way to do this, was to test one of our most popular units – a TensCare Sports TENS 2, to World and European champion, and British 2020 Olympic competitor – Jordan Thomas.

He is a man that does not jog on Monday nights to make up for the weekend cheat days – he is not a man that exercises to look good for the six-day English summer – and his workout routine makes the London half marathon look like Park Run.

Since he was selected for Team GB, he’s had to move to the National Taekwondo Centre in Manchester for intensive training alongside sporting heroes such as Olympic gold medallist and television personality Jade Jones.

Jordan Thomas trains to represent Great Britain in the 2020 Olympics, and these, are his thoughts.

"Being a professional athlete means my requirements are slightly different to most. But the TensCare Sports TENS managed to keep up with my busy workout schedule.

My exercise programme has intensified as part of my preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, and stimulating muscle recovery has been key.

It not only greatly helped with treating muscle ache but has also catalysed my muscles’ recovery  after finishing my sessions.

The Sports TENS 2 is easy to use and the instructions are clear, though I haven't set up any of my own settings, as the range of pre-set programmes is extensive.

 It’s similar to other TENS machines I’ve seen in the industry, but it definitely gives the far more expensive models a run for their money. 

I would recommend the Sports TENS to anyone looking to take edge off the post-workout burn, or boost their muscle development…

… and the massage setting’s quite nice too."


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