TensCare's 26th Anniversary-TensCare Ltd

26 Years ago, TensCare was founded in the emerging, but an unknown market of Electrotherapy devices. As time has progressed and more clinical trials were completed, more and more people became aware of the vast amounts of amazing benefits our machines delivered. We have always been prideful of the fact that we are a socially responsible company who values its employee-owners.

In 2017 we became an employee-owner with our Managing Director Neil Wright leading the way on the transition. Since becoming an employee-owned company, rapid changes have been made for the better as we have grown year on year. Our aspirations are bright whilst being humbled by the many people we serve on a daily basis.

Over the years, countless of fantastic people who were dedicated to helping people ‘feel better naturally’ have massively contributed to us becoming the largest distributor of TENS machines in Europe. We attribute much of our success to the constant innovation and cutting-edge product line up that delivers beyond expectation. 

At TensCare we have embraced technology from our outset, and this has translated to market-leading product ranges that are shipped and distributed all over the world.

We have developed genuine relationships with our customers which keep us hungry and passionate about helping people feel better naturally. The rewards that come with our strong relationship can’t be measured. The stories we receive on a consistent basis, show us how impactful our products truly are on many people’s lives.

On our 26th Anniversary, we truly want to Thank You for being a member of our community but also for also believing in us to help people feel better naturally

We put a small compilation video together showing some highlights of our 26 years in business.

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