You can use it in any position, but most people would find it more comfortable reclining on the sofa or lying in bed with the knees slightly drawn up.

You can also lie on your side with a pillow between your knees if you find it more comfortable.

It is important to find a comfortable position before beginning your 20 minute sessions.

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Dear J, thank you so much for your kind review! We are delighted to hear our devices have helped both yourself and your wife, and that you have seen results so quickly. Congratulations on your marked improvements and we wish you all the best with your onward treatment!



I am a 69 year old man, and have prostate problems that have caused me to has urinary problems. I would dribble on myself after going to the bathroom or I would urinate on myself before I could get to the toilet. My wife has similar problems and I purchased her a Tens unit for her urinary problems. Then I saw a unit for men, so I bought it. I’ve been using my Tens trainer for 1 week and am amazed at the positive results. I now do not have to run to the toilet as soon as I feel like I have to urinate, and I can empty my bladder more fully. I highly recommend any man having problems with leaking or dribbling give your Tens unit for men a try.

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