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We now have International Women’s day past us. Amidst all the talks about women empowerment and women welfare, there was one public personality who stood out from the crowd with her honesty and her courage to address a subject considered taboo by many- INCONTINENCE.

Even if we like it or not, women in public eye have tremendous influence on the way we live our lives, the way we deal with our problems and on our culture. Therefore, when Kate Winslet decided to talk about Incontinence, it was a welcome change.

Recently Kate Winslet revealed that she suffers from stress incontinence, which causes accidental urine leakage when the body is under physical stress like coughing, sneezing, laughing, lifting heavy objects or exercising.

Winslet definitely isn’t alone. According to Urology Care Foundation, as many as one in three adults- more than 80 percent of them women, have bladder control issues. Stress incontinence is not uncommon among women post-pregnancy, because muscles that support the bladder may get weaker after giving birth. Plus, new mums go through some major hormonal changes, which can affect the pelvic floor muscles.

Unfortunately, women don’t talk about this subject, since they consider it embarrassing. There are too many women who suffer in silence. However, this condition doesn’t have to be embarrassing and that is why it is reassuring to know Women like Kate Winslet have the courage to talk about this issue on National TV show.

The day when everyone suffering from incontinence will feel brave enough to talk about it, without any embarrassment would be empowerment in a true sense.

Thankfully, treatments exist and before trying any type of drugs and/or surgery, try a pelvic floor exerciser. This type of device will help you to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles to reduce urine leakage and may even improve the sexual intimacy.

Plus, doing simple things like jumping on a trampoline with your children will become fun again.

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