HMRC Customs & Excise require that you pay VAT unless you are eligible for VAT relief.

The VAT relief only applies to supplies made to a handicapped person for their personal use:

HM Customs and Excise Notice 701/7: Reliefs for Disabled People August 2002 defines this as follows:

“3.2.1 What does 'chronically sick or disabled' mean?

A person is 'chronically sick or disabled' if he/she is a person:

with a physical impairment which has a long-term and substantial adverse effect upon his/her ability to carry out everyday activities; with a condition which the medical profession treats as a chronic sickness, such as diabetes.”

“4.5.4 Examples of equipment and appliances qualifying for relief:

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator”

You can claim VAT relief when placing an order on the website.

VAT on Telephone and Postal orders

We have to have a written or electronic record of your claim before deducting VAT.

If you place an order by phone, we will charge VAT and send you an exemption form. On receipt of a signed form we will refund your VAT.

You can download a VAT Exemption claim form here.

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