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Our latest product, Mynd, is a natural solution to migraines. During our initial research, we studied migraines and the proven methods for both treating and preventing attacks. Before long it soon became clear that there was a great opportunity for us to apply our knowledge and expertise and develop a solution that could make a huge difference. As a company, our mission is to provide safe and effective drug-free solutions that will improve the quality of lives, and we see Mynd as a solution that not only aligns with these but adds real value to the user. With most other treatment methods for migraines being pharmaceutical, these can have some significant side-effects, require prescription or cannot be used safely by all. Mynd presents an affordable, natural alternative to these methods.



The two-year development process utilised our 27 years of experience and understanding of the technology and clinical application. The development followed the iterative, human-centred design approach which is standard for the in-house design team at TensCare. We put a lot of focus on the user and how they would interact with the device. The aim was to create a solution that is sophisticated yet simple and reassure users through the quality of the device that Mynd is safe and effective. We worked hard with our engineers and suppliers to maximise the performance of the device to ensure Mynd was competitive but affordable, making it accessible to as many migraine sufferers as possible.



Mynd represents a leap forward in the product design of TensCare devices. Being the first truly wearable, wireless device in our range, we faced numerous challenges throughout the development process. However, we believe these lessons learned will stand us in good stead for the future, as we continue to push the boundaries of what a TensCare device should be and how we can bring benefit to our customers. We believe Mynd represents the start of a new era for TensCare products, and our commitment to solve problems though design will see more great products launched that can significantly improve the quality of life for our customers.


One of the biggest issues we face with any new TensCare product is creating an awareness and understanding of the device and how it can help those who need it. After a successful product launch, we have already seen strong sales. However, I believe it is our responsibility as a company to educate people on the benefits of electrotherapy and its clinically proven capabilities. In the case of Mynd we must consider neurostimulation for migraine relief, but it is important we discuss other modalities and applications, whether it be muscle stim and injury rehabilitation, EMS and continence management or TENS during labour. If we do this, I think we will see Mynd, among other TensCare products reach their true potential and help many more people all over the world.


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