TensCare Awarded Employee Owned Rising Star-TensCare Ltd

The team at TensCare have a clear sense of purpose through our mission to improve the quality of life by helping people feel better naturally.

This EOA short listing recognition amongst a field of truly inspiring employee owned businesses (EOA) is a nomination we are truly proud of. During the EOA awards night, it was an honor to be sitting alongside many influential EOA companies. It has been an amazing experience for all of us at TensCare so far, enjoying the EOA journey and how it has positively contributed to our company.

We are very thankful to be shortlisted and was delighted to be presented with Employee Owned Rising Star of the Year, Highly Commended. A special congratulations to Andrew Brown, our Technical and Compliance Manager on his nomination for Employee Owner of the year. 

In a market place where electrotherapy suppliers have access to the same technology and manufacturing processes, TensCare has secured a competitive advantage by engaging all our work force and sharing the rewards by becoming employee owned in March 2017.

The TensCare team and the partners we work with are fortunate; by working in healthcare we get to contribute beyond ourselves. There is a true triumph and feeling of real achievement in improving the wellbeing of our customers and knowing that this in turn positively impacts the communities around them. We can all make ripples that extend way beyond ourselves to help others.

The future of business growth and economic sustainability is not a destination it is a continuum that we can create from the ideas and discussions coming out of working together. The Employee Ownership Association facilitates this philosophy of employee engagement and the need for us all to feel recognised and fulfil a human desire to make a purposeful contribution to our work and our society.

It is often said, that in life, it is not the destination that counts but the people you have alongside you on the journey. We are proud to be alongside other Employee Owned Businesses in advocating the benefits of employee ownership both locally and nationally and the emotional and financial security that it can provide in an ever- changing economic environment.

We look forward to meeting the people in our World and taking the next part of the TensCare journey, we believe that building strong relationships with our partners and our customers helps us to offer an unrivalled package of innovative pain relief and wellbeing products to improve the quality of life for both the young and the elderly.

TensCare are proud members of the EOA – if you would like to know more about Employee Ownership and the benefits it can bring to your organisation check out the latest message from the EOA


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