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1 x Perfect TENS pain relief device
2 x Lead wires (L-CPT)
4 x 50x50mm self-adhesive electrodes (E-CM5050)
2 x AA 1.5V alkaline batteries
1 x Belt clip
1 x Storage pouch
1 x iGlove
1 x Instruction manual

• Treatment Timer allows the user to set the session duration (between 10-60 mins) and to select manual parameters for adjustment
• Open circuit technology detects if the electrode pads are not correctly connected to your body, automatically resetting the strength setting to zero
• Provides gentle TENS stimulation with 60 steps of intensity
• Automatic keypad locking activates if the unit remains unused for 30 seconds to prevent any accidental changes in settings
• Detachable belt clip enables you to clip the unit onto your belt or waistline
• 8 preset programs - including a Han Stimulation programme with a wide range of settings
• 1 manual program with easily adjustable settings to suit your needs
• Programme memory which allows you to easily return to the last program and setting used
• Dual Channel - 2 channels to treat 2 areas at the same time, with 4 electrode pads
• EU and FDA approved

Features of iGlove

Washable and reusable
• Compatible with our range of TENS units
• Perfect for arthritis and carpal tunnel
• Soothes aches with a warming sensation
• Improves circulation and bloodflow
• Relaxes joints and reduces inflammation
• Relieves pain and improves mobility

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