If we assume that a box of 10 containment pads costs around £2.29 and that you only use 4 pads per day (and most of us would use more); that’s 1,460 pads used per year, or 146 boxes of 10 pads, at an annual cost of £334.34.

So, as you can see, our pelvic floor exercisers are great value for money in comparison.

It pays back in a matter of months and in your first year alone you could save £270 on containment pads.

Using pelvic floor exercisers can strengthen pelvic floor muscles and help you to learn how to control them, reducing the number of continence episodes, the amount of urine leaked, and the amount of containment pads required.

Instead of just containing the problem, pelvic floor exercisers help to dramatically improve the symptoms of incontinence.

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