At Tenscare, part of our ethos is caring and consideration. This ethos carries through to our mission to become more sustainable as a company, as well as our charity fundraising.

Don't forget to follow us on social media so you can get involved, and consider adding a tree to be planted to your next TensCare order for just 82p, we match every donation made. 

Our Plant a Tree Initiative

We have partnered with the incredible One Tree Planted to help counteract reforestation by planting trees in the places that need it most.

When you choose to plant a tree at checkout on our website, that donation gets matched by TensCare and sent directly to One Tree Planted to allow them to continue to carry out the vital work they do to protect and restore forests, create habitat for biodiversity, and make a positive social impact around the world.

Watch the video below to see what your 83p can do and get inspired to save our planet!

How much of a difference can 83p really make?

With your help we have already achieved so much together

997 trees planted
18.27kg of countered CO2 emissions 
282,483 animals provided with food or a home
Last Count: 12th June 2024

Every tree planted improves air quality and counteracts CO2 emissions, as well as providing homes and a source of food for all sorts of wildlife. Together we are making the world a better place for ourselves, future generations, and the animals we share our planet with.


What else have we done to become more Eco Friendly?


  • We have vowed to stop developing devices that have disposable batteries. All our new devices will be built with rechargeable batteries.
  • We have updated our office lighting to an energy saving LED alternative
  • We are continuously reviewing and updating our packaging to ensure as much as possible is reusable or recyclable 
  • We offer a WEEE scheme for old devices
  • We are working on a premium accessory range and wireless devices to minimise disposable parts
  • We have planted bee friendly flowers around our office in Epsom
  • We stopped using plastic bubble lined postage bags and have switched to mailers with cardboard padding
  • We are using recycled plastics for suitable parts of our new devices to minimise the production of new plastic materials
  • We are continuously improving our PFE devices to make them more effective and accessible, providing an eco friendly alternative to the three billion diapers/incontinence pads thrown away every year in the UK
  • We scrapped our plastic product trays in favour of reusable zip-up travel bags 
  • We stopped film wrapping our products, instead opting for security seals which use much less plastic


At TensCare we will continue to fight for our planet and reduce our own footprint in any way we can, while actively giving back to the environment with our tree planting initiative and other environmental efforts arranged by our Eco Team. 


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