The stronger the contraction, the more exercise you do and the faster the muscle will increase in strength. The sensory nerves are more sensitive than the motor nerves, so you will need to feel the stimulation quite strongly to be sure to exercise the muscle properly.

In principle, you should turn up the strength as high as you can stand it. You should at least feel the muscle start to pull upwards, this is a good level at which to start your first session. However, when you first start exercising any muscle strongly, you may get aches afterwards.

If you don't work the muscles, you won’t get aches but you won't get results either. When you are starting, it’s best to set the strength quite high, but limit the length of the session to five or ten minutes.

If you don’t get aches the next day, you can gradually increase the strength and duration. As the muscle strengthens you will find that you can increase strength and duration. If you set the strength much too high, you might strain a muscle and the discomfort could take several days to fade away.

People vary in sensitivity to electrostimulation - there are lots of variables that can affect what you feel - however most people won’t feel much below about 20.0, and some will use the maximum 99.5.

Before your first use, try moistening the probe, holding it in your hand, and adjusting the strength to see what it feels like - remembering that your hand is actually much more sensitive than your pelvic floor.

Customer Feedback:

"As a middle aged woman who's had surgery & takes prescribed meds for incontinence (both without 100% success), this was a last-ditch attempt for which I didn't have any great hopes. I'm delighted to say I was wrong - only a few weeks in, & the difference is notable. I've stopped taking my meds & don't need to wear pads every day. After experimenting, I've discovered that, for me, the MIXED programme is much less effective. Although it's recommended for cases of urge & stress (like mine) I've got much better results from a daily session of URGE followed by one of STRESS. I've made it part of my nightly routine - I use the exerciser while I'm reading in bed before sleeping - so it doesn't intrude on my life. DO heed the instructions to start at a low setting if you don't have much sensation in the pelvic floor - sensation will come back really quickly & then you can build up the power setting. Learn from my mistake: I was impatient & started off much too high - & the resulting strained muscles meant I had what felt like really bad period pains the next day."         

If you have any questions regarding intensity and strength settings, please contact us.




Hi Tenscare, I want my pelvic floor muscle tightening as my muscle became loose post pregnancy. My partner n myself do not feel each other when we have intimacy or make love. Please guide me which settings I should use to tighten my pelvic floor? I’m currently using stress program at 99.5 past 4 weeks. Should I continue in same program ? Will this program help with sexsual intimacy? In how many weeks I should see a result? N how long I should continue and do this exercise and how many minutes do u recommend to do daily? Its been really embarrassing for me while my partner is not happy with me. Please help me. Thank you. Please do send me an email too just incase if I miss this page.



Dear Holly, our devices are designed to exercise the kegel muscles without you needing to do anything, however we always recommend trying to join in with the muscle contractions as it not only increases the effectivity of the treatment, but it helps you to identify and isolate those muscles to better able you to do pelvic floor exercises unaided if and when you wish to.

The strength needed on the device does not necessarily correlate to the existing strength of the pelvic floor muscles, it can also depend on anatomy, skin/muscle sensitivity and other factors. We recommend increasing the intensity until the sensation is noticeable but comfortable, you should be able to feel the muscle contract and release. The higher the intensity the better the muscle workout, however as with any muscle you can overwork the pelvic floor and end up with some aching, which is why we recommend starting on a lower intensity and building up over time as your muscles get stronger.

I hope this helps! Please reach out to if we can be of any further assistance.



I am confused as to 1). Does one need to do kegels with the TensCare machine? Is that an option to do kegels with the machine? And 2). If a woman has a strong pelvic floor and didn’t need the TensCare unit for kegels would her number be Lower or Higher on the machine since they go from 1 to 99?
Thank you!

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