2017: In Review - Exhibitions-TensCare Ltd

We are thankful for the many chances we got this year to showcase our natural remedies on an international level, and we grabbed each opportunity with both hands.

By attending several different exhibitions, we managed to make new friends, expand our customer base, and integrate further into the international healthcare community.

However, as much as we would like to go into detail about them all, there were simply too many to write about, so here are some of our favourites from 2017:

Medica – Düsseldorf, Germany

The TensCare family arrived at Medica 2017 to a fantastic congregation of thousands of providers, eager to show off their products.

As technology progresses, the digitalisation of healthcare is inevitable, and TensCare is at the forefront of the medical revolution.

Team TensCare was already making an impact on day one, showcasing our products, and meeting new and existing customers.

This was a great opportunity to introduce our new flagship devices, the Perfect Beauty and Fleur, which was extremely well received.

Being amongst over 5000 other exhibitors, from more than 45 countries, was a humbling experience, but also gave us a sense of how well we are doing in such a competitive market.

We have since been able to forge much closer relationships with companies in countries such as Germany, Finland and Sweden as direct result of attending Medica 2017.

Arab Health – Dubai, UAE

Upon arriving, the Arabian sun made a welcome change from the English November weather, and 8 hours of jetlag later, the TensCare family was ready to meet and greet existing, and prospective customers.

It was an exhilarating experience for the team – the unique, defining culture, impressive architecture and breath-taking sights, have made a striking impression on all of us, every time we go.

Days one and two were a great initial start, and really helped build up an image in our minds about how the worldwide market is growing and evolving.

Throughout the duration of the expo, we gained multiple new customers, met some fantastic new people that we’re still in contact with, and got a better idea of what the Middle-Eastern market is looking for.

It was incredibly encouraging to see that maternity units such as the MamaTENS are becoming more and more popular in this region, despite it being a relatively new concept to customers and distributors in this territory.

If you didn’t quite manage to find us in person, you can still contact us, and one of our dedicated sales team will be more than happy to discuss any questions you may have regarding the exhibition, our products, or pretty much anything else!


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