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Stories in the mainstream media published in the last 30 days, have been making waves, raising awareness of a growing epidemic of medical difficulties related to vaginal mesh surgery.

According to an article in the Mail Online, “Case Western Reserve University found that up to 42 per cent of patients experience complications. Of which, 77 per cent report severe pain and 30 per cent claim to have a lost or reduced sex life.”

The symptoms of such operations, which often require a follow-up at least 5 years later, manifest in the form of chronic pain, leaving Lynne Sharman, 61, often unable to even embrace her grandchildren.

The enduring agony has led to her husband of 43 years, John, acting essentially as her fulltime carer.

Lynne’s story however, is not unique.

One in three women are reported to suffer from incontinence, usually as an after-effect of childbirth, with 45% of all people with the condition going to see a doctor about it five years after noticing the symptoms.

The stigma attached to struggling with even mild incontinence can be crippling, leading to anxiety, low self-esteem, and depression.

Some people turn to containment pads to treat these symptoms, an expensive solution which never truly addresses the cause.

At TensCare, it is our mission to provide drug-free, un-invasive, long term solutions to ailments such as this. We believe it’s possible to offer an alternative to methods that have been demonstrably proven to be ineffective – an alternative that can not only treat the problem, but cure it.

The results of our line of incontinence treatment devices speak for themselves, which is why we are confident they will make a noticeable difference.

A recent clinical trial conducted in the United States, proved that continued use of TensCare pelvic floor exercisers led to 50% of daily incontinence episodes, 59% reduction in urine loss, and a 57% reduction in the number of pads used daily.

Don’t wait, work with us to help free yourself from the inconvenience, embarrassment, and the worry. Take back control of your life, with TensCare.

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