"Could not get by without a TENS machine"-TensCare Ltd

"Due to a spinal injury which happened in 1982 caused by falling down a shaft in the Syrian dessert, I have been using a Tens machine constantly in access of 25 years or more.

I was first put in touch with TensCare by a hospital consultant who suggested it may help with my pain.

I brought my first machine when the company was based at the Robin Hood roundabout parade, then when they moved near to Epsom Town I continued to buy from them and when they moved to the Epsom Industrial Estate I remained a loyal satisfied customer and continued to use them to this day.

My first machine was quite large and was powered by a 9 volt PP3 which lasted long and cost approx. £3.00.

Technology has improved over the years and I am now on my 7th machine having chosen to upgrade to newer and better models over the years, and in addition to the actual Tens machines, the Electrode pads have also improved.

The model I currently use is a Sports TENS 2 which is a dual channelled machine with features 27 EMS programmes, 10 TENS settings, 10 massage programs, and 8 user defined programs, and is fully shielded meaning its touch proof. The screen is also backlit which is a great advantage. This model is also lightweight and compact and comes with a small 3.7 volt Li-lon rechargeable battery of which I have 2 so that I always have one recharged and ready for use, and this has means unlike the early days I no longer have any running costs other than to purchase pack of new Electrode pads as and when required.

I can honestly say that my experience with TensCare as a company has always been first class from the first day I was recommended to go to them. Their staff have always been extremely helpful, polite and courteous.

Until recently (I have just retired) I was employed as a Commercial and Marketing Director, and therefore realising the importance of providing a good service and maintaining your existing customer base, I took it upon myself some years back to email one of the company’s directors praising the virtues of his staff.

Personally I could not get by without a Tens machine, and the first thing I do when a friend or family member has an injury, or is going through the recovery stage from an injury, is to recommend they try a Tens machine and contact TensCare.


Paul Stacey


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