"Dry All Night, for 18 Nights!"-TensCare Ltd

"I recently purchased your Dry Night Trainer alarm with a discount code I received from our school nurse for my daughter, this is the best money I think I have ever spent.

My daughter is a few months from age 6, has been dry during the day since age 2, but never dry through the night despite various attempts on our part to encourage her.

Following a meeting with the school nurse and a few tips from her (again which didn't seem to have any positive impact) we purchased the Dry Night Trainer as a last attempt, the nurse said next step would be medication, which neither my husband or myself were very keen on.

We were both very sceptical that the alarm would make any difference. We had a week and a half of the alarm going off at various times during the night, and varying degrees of wetness.

I am very pleased to say that she has been dry all night for 18 nights, this is a massive achievement, after a few dry nights she refused to wear the alarm as she was confident she would be dry, and we've never looked back.

If it hadn't been for the introduction of the alarm, I think she would still be wet at night. I wanted to contact you to pass on our success story and to say that I will be wholeheartedly recommending this product to other parents in our position.

Many thanks


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