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Today is a special day – and no, not because it is Friday, at TensCare we are celebrating Employee Ownership Day. 

So, what is Employee Ownership? 

Good question! It pretty much means the business is owned by its employees. There isn’t much to add to it, but employee owned businesses are notable to have their workforce engage more, face less stress and are more adaptive to innovations. Employee Ownership Day is a national date in the calendar and this is an occasion when businesses of this structure share their success stories. 

Why do we celebrate the Employee Ownership Day? 

TensCare is an employee owned business – more so, we are a family. The Employee Ownership Day itself celebrates collective strength and unity in achieving mutual goals, but we believe there is so much more to it and live every day nourishing strong bonds within the company. We don’t only share the ownership of the business: every success, every idea, every concern and every challenge we face united.  

No one is left behind at TensCare. From day one our team members are not just colleagues but members of a big, diverse family where we have a special place for everyone. Together we move towards mutual goals, cherish successes and learn from mistakes. Such unity translates into more than just financial benefits to the company; it gives us invaluable experience and memories to hold on for many years to come.  

To us, Employee Ownership Day is a truly special occasion. This is when we take a step back and look at all that we have built together, when we appreciate and take pride in all the hard, collective work each of us has contributed towards.  

This year, to share our EO Day Story, we have created a small video. You can view it below.

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