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From Instagram nail art craze to hygiene concerns, nails play a bigger part in our lives than we give them credit for. Even if you are not a fan of fancy manicures, natural clean nails alone can signal you as being a responsible person who takes care of their looks.

Clean nails are essential from the health standpoint too, not just the aesthetics. Just like our hands, nails pick up a lot of grime and germs as we go. In this era when we are prompted to wash and disinfect our hands so often, the cleanliness of our nails is as important as ever.

This is why we have prepared a little guide on how to clean your nails properly to avoid infection and unkept appearance.

1. Soak baths

You should definitely give your nails a spa day to keep them clean and pristine. To prepare a lush bath for your fingernails simply fill a container with water and a dash of antibacterial hand wash. However, do not submerge the entire hand into it as the antibacterial solution can dry your skin. Make sure it's only your fingertips that are being soaked.

In the event of some particularly stubborn under nail dirt that you can’t reach with a brush, a soak can help too. Instead of a hand wash, mix a tablespoon of bicarb soda into warm water and let it pull the dirt out for you.

2. Nail scrub

Clean nails can be easily achieved if you spoil them with a good quality nail brush. The brush will do the magic by scrubbing the dirt from underneath the nails as well as taking care of areas that are hard to reach and which tend to collect grime.

All you need to clean nails effectively are a solution of warm water and hand soap, a brush and a well-lit room. Hold the brush downwards and gently rub it back and forth to scrub underneath the nail. Once you’ve done that, move to the front of the nails, where you will need to work in circular buffing motion.

3. Laser nail cleaning device

If your nails have been compromised by nail fungus and are rather unsightly, a laser nail cleaning device is perfect for you. Although it will not eliminate the fungus, the device will clean your nails and make them aesthetically pleasant to look at. We have such device in our range. Nailit deep cleans the nails by using infrared and blue light radiation, so its effect penetrates the very depths of the nail.

4. Make sure to remove leftover polish

Always removed chipped polish to ensure your nails look well taken care of. If the chipping is barely noticeable feel free to wear it for longer, but if there are only bits of the polish left hanging on the nail, it looks scruffy. To keep your nails clean, get rid of things that are noticeable and easily fixed first.

Additionally, keep your nails strong by having a few weeks break in between applications of nail polish. If you are not fan of the idea, the market is rich with polish that is designed to strengthen your nails – just

have a snoop around. However, if you go that route you might want to invest into acetone-free nail polish remover, too.

The condition of one’s nails can tell a tale about the person and their lifestyle. It is not difficult to maintain clean nails, but the impact they have on your appearance and health is tremendous.

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