Pregnancy: Natural Phenomenon or Crippling Disability?-TensCare Ltd

Last week a pregnant female MP was told that she was “Letting down womankind” because she took unscheduled break during a long parliamentary debate. It has sparked a debate over pregnancy in the female world.

Some believe that pregnancy is not a disease but it is a very natural phenomenon and it should be treated such.

While others believe that pregnancy involves so much more than just baby growing inside a body. It affects every system of a woman’s body.

One thing is for sure, pregnancy is an epic journey of a gigantic intensity and no two pregnancies are ever similar. Some people fly through it. Some people lurch and fall the whole way.

So whatever view you decide to support, just remember to be less judgemental and more supportive of our pregnant colleagues because we don’t know what kind of pregnancy they are dealing with.

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