Vote for TensCare in the Pure Beauty Awards 2022!

We are delighted to have been shortlisted for the London Pure Beauty Awards 2022 in two categories we are very passionate about here at TensCare, Intimate Wellness and Beauty.

We are a small company of only 30 employees going up against some very big brands, so we are calling on you, our TensCare Family, to vote for us and help us take home our first ever Pure Beauty Award! 

Vote for Uniglo & Uniwand for Best New Beauty Device

Vote for Alivia for Best New Sexual or Intimate Care Product

Uniglo & Uniwand - Best New Beauty Device 

Revolutionising home beauty treatments, the Uniglo & Uniwand puts professional beauty technology in the palm of your hand. With noticeable results in as little as 2 weeks, the Uniglo & Uniwand provide a pain free, risk free and affordable alternative to traditional cosmetic enhancements such as facelifts, botox and filler. 


Alivia Pelvic Floor Toner - Best New Sexual or Intimate Care Product

Bladder leaks and bedroom troubles can feel like the end of life as you know it, and with the choice of surgery or incontinence pads, it can also make you feel like you've lost control over your own body. Regain control of your body and your life with the Alivia Pelvic Floor Toner. With easy 20 minute daily sessions, the Alivia quickly and effectively tones your pelvic floor for you, treating and curing a number of intimate health issues and both men and women, from bladder leaks to erectile dysfunction. Alivia also features a unique pain programme, for the relief of pelvic pain such as period cramps and endometriosis. 


We are honoured for the opportunity to share our products with the Pure Beauty Magazine readers. This new platform for TensCare will allow us to make our products even more accessible, allowing us to spread the word of our drug free, risk free alternatives to medication and surgery so we can continue on our 30 year strong mission to help the world feel better naturally. 


Please consider voting for us and sharing with friends and family, a win would not only mean the world to us but would help us spread the word of our products further and wider to help even more people.  

Vote for Uniglo & Uniwand for Best New Beauty Device

Vote for Alivia for Best New Sexual or Intimate Care Product

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