Using the “Urge” programme encourages your body to produce endorphins - your own natural painkiller - and can help to relieve pelvic pain. The Urge programmes can be used with either a vaginal or anal probe.

Perfect PFE and Perfect PFE for men include a PAIN program which is designed specifically for Chronic Pelvic Pain, which can be due to several causes.

For example on women could be because of Vulvodynia (pain the vulva), Symphysis Pubis (pain possible caused of a misalignment of the pelvis) or Interstitial Cystitis (bladder pain syndrome). 

With men, could be chronic prostatitis or chronic pelvic pain syndrome: unexplained chronic pelvic pain associated with irritative voiding symptoms and/or pain located in the groin, genitalia, or perineum in the absence of pyuria and bacteriuria.

Otherwise (if you do not need the machine for incontinence or Pelvic Pain), you can use a general TENS machine (not a pelvic floor exerciser) and use external self-adhesive electrodes to place around the area of pain. 

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