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Showing 1 - 24 of 33 products
Perfect TENS Pain Relief-Pain Relief-TensCare LtdPerfect TENS Pain Relief-Pain Relief-TensCare Ltd
Perfect TENS Pain Relief
Sale price£39.98
Save £57.00 GBP
Flexistim-Fitness & Recovery-TensCare LtdFlexistim-Fitness & Recovery-TensCare Ltd
Sale price£220.00 Regular price£277.00
Save £49.00 GBP
Flexistim IF-Fitness & Recovery-TensCare LtdFlexistim IF-Fitness & Recovery-TensCare Ltd
Flexistim IF
Sale price£200.00 Regular price£249.00
Perfect EMS-Fitness & Recovery-TensCare LtdPerfect EMS-Fitness & Recovery-TensCare Ltd
Perfect EMS
Sale price£69.20
Sports TENS 2-Fitness & Recovery-TensCare LtdSports TENS 2-Fitness & Recovery-TensCare Ltd
Sports TENS 2
Sale price£79.00
Perfect BEAUTY-Beauty-TensCare LtdPerfect BEAUTY-Beauty-TensCare Ltd
Perfect BEAUTY
Sale price£205.00
Beauty Max Beauty Therapy DeviceBeauty Max Beauty Therapy-Beauty-TensCare Ltd
Beauty Max Beauty Therapy
Sale price£229.00
Save £25.00 GBP
Allura Toning and Shaping-Beauty-TensCare LtdAllura Toning and Shaping-Beauty-TensCare Ltd
Allura Toning and Shaping
Sale price£105.00 Regular price£130.00
Eva Anti-Aging-Beauty-TensCare LtdEva Anti-Aging-Beauty-TensCare Ltd
Eva Anti-Aging
Sale price£105.00
Uniglo Beauty Therapy-Beauty-TensCare LtdUniglo Beauty Therapy-Beauty-TensCare Ltd
Uniglo Beauty Therapy
Sale price£165.00
Sonic Stim+-Pain Relief-TensCare LtdSonic Stim+-Pain Relief-TensCare Ltd
Sonic Stim+
Sale price£215.00
Shockwave-Fitness & Recovery-TensCare LtdShockwave-Fitness & Recovery-TensCare Ltd
Sale price£5,200.00
iGlove Electrode-Garment Electrodes-TensCare LtdiGlove Electrode-Garment Electrodes-TensCare Ltd
iGlove Electrode
Sale price£23.39
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iSock Electrode-Garment Electrodes-TensCare LtdiSock Electrode-Garment Electrodes-TensCare Ltd
iSock Electrode
Sale price£23.39
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KneeStim Electrode-Garment Electrodes-TensCare LtdKneeStim Electrode-Garment Electrodes-TensCare Ltd
KneeStim Electrode
Sale price£23.99
Hypoallergenic Electrode Pads-Electrode Pads-TensCare LtdHypoallergenic Electrode Pads-Electrode Pads-TensCare Ltd
Hypoallergenic Electrode Pads
Sale priceFrom £14.34
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Breast Electrode Pads-Electrode Pads-TensCare LtdBreast Electrode Pads-Electrode Pads-TensCare Ltd
Breast Electrode Pads
Sale price£14.99
Butterfly Electrode Pads-Electrode Pads-TensCare Ltd
Butterfly Electrode Pads
Sale price£12.50
Circle Electrode Pads 25mm-Electrode Pads-TensCare LtdCircle Electrode Pads 25mm-Electrode Pads-TensCare Ltd
Circle Electrode Pads 25mm
Sale priceFrom £8.50
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Electrode Pads 50x100mm-Electrode Pads-TensCare LtdElectrode Pads 50x100mm-Electrode Pads-TensCare Ltd
Electrode Pads 50x100mm
Sale priceFrom £12.00
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Electrode Pads 50x90mm-Electrode Pads-TensCare LtdElectrode Pads 50x90mm-Electrode Pads-TensCare Ltd
Electrode Pads 50x90mm
Sale priceFrom £7.50
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Face Electrode Pads-Electrode Pads-TensCare LtdFace Electrode Pads-Electrode Pads-TensCare Ltd
Face Electrode Pads
Sale price£12.99
Joint Electrode Pads-Electrode Pads-TensCare LtdJoint Electrode Pads-Electrode Pads-TensCare Ltd
Joint Electrode Pads
Sale priceFrom £14.99
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Electrode Pads 50x50mm-Electrode Pads-TensCare LtdElectrode Pads 50x50mm-Electrode Pads-TensCare Ltd
Electrode Pads 50x50mm
Sale priceFrom £7.50
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