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1 x Shockwave Device
1 x Therapeutic handle
1 x Footswitch
1 Each x therapeutic head 6/15/25mm
1 x Power line
1 x Handle pedestal
1 x Handwriting pen
5 x Silicone caps
1 x Aluminium alloy suitcase
1 x Instruction Manual

• 7 adjustable presets
• Powerful and portable
• Can be used for therapeutic and aesthetic treatments
• Comes with a strong aluminium carry case
• Touch screen controls
• Rotary knobs to control energy and frequency
• Therapeutic handle guaranteed for 4 million pulses
Footswitch operated to leave both hands free

Absolute Contraindications:
• Under 18 years of age (however, can be effective with Osgood-Schlatter Disease)
• Shockwave should not be applied to the surface area of the lungs and heart
• Shockwave should not be applied to major superficial blood vessels or nerves
• Heart or circulatory problems (including Pacemaker, High BP, Thrombosis, Diabetic Neuropathy)
• Implanted devices or hormones
• Pregnancy

Relative Contraindications:
• Infectious non-unions & skin infections or open wounds
• Blood thinning medications/coagulation disorders
• Synovial fluid leakage
• Joint replacements
• Cancer in or around the treatment area
• Corticosteroid injections within one month prior to the start of Shockwave Therapy

Care is required for patients with:
• Impaired sensitivity
• Severe autonomic disorders
• Or those under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol
As the excess strain on the circulatory system and inadequate responses to treatment cannot be excluded

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