All the TensCare devices (except TENSOne and Flexistim IFT and Microcurrent modes, because of technical differences) are designed so that if they are not correctly connected to your body, the strength in the channel which is not properly connected will automatically reset to zero.

(Perfect Mama has only one intensity control, so must have all four pads connected)

This is to prevent sudden changes if a broken connection is re-made.

The current has to go through one branch of the lead, through the electrode pad, through the skin, and back down the other branch. If there is a fault in the lead, plug/socket, or machine, or pad connection, then the stimulation will stop.

If you have set the intensity quite high to compensate for Accommodation (reducing sensation), then sensation will gradually return as the effect wears off.

A movement could then re-make the connection with broken lead or pad, returning the intensity to the high setting you had selected. This sudden change can feel like an "electric shock" and be quite unpleasant.

The Open Circuit Cutout feature prevents this.

If you cannot increase the Intensity above zero:

  • You must be connected with two pads for each lead you are using (some devices use only one lead.)
  • Check that the electrode pad is sticking firmly, and not starting to peel off. If is, try dampening the surface with a drop of water and pressing the pad firmly onto your skin. Wait 1 or 2 minutes for the gel to warm up and improve its connections
  • Check that the lead is plugged in to the socket of the channel that you are using.
  • If it still doesnt work, try swapping the leads. If this corrects the problem on this channel, then you need to buy a replacement lead.


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