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What Women LOVE about our Perfect MamaTENS machine

  • Many women are bound to the bed by drugs and tubes. Free yourself with Perfect MamaTENS! feel like rolling onto all fours or pacing around, perhaps grabbing the father by the collar and giving him a good shake? Now you can!
  • You can be ' present' in the best moments! Sadly many women are out of it on drugs to fully appreciate the extraordinary moment.
  • Guaranteed Safety. our machines are backed by many research studies and is 100% proven to be safe and secure for you and your baby.
  • NO RISK! since there is no recovery period or 'wearing-off' period 
  • You are in 100% control of your pain relief at all times

You can discover an easy and proven way to get drug-free pain relief to help guarantee the healthy childbirth of your dreams.

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Here's what some of our happy customers have said about our Perfect MamaTENS


4 April 2018

Can't rate this item higher - it's amazing. Great value, easy to use (if i can use it anyone can) and came in good time for our son to be born.
I have just become a first time mum and ordered this product as had heard about using TENS machine in labour. Some women get on with it and some don't, so thought if it's pain relief that doesn't affect baby i would give it a go. I thought i could hire it from Boots (which you can) but where i am, only online. When i went online i found it was just as cheap to buy 1 plus didn't have to think about returning and worrying if it would come in time for when i went into labour. It says to practice with it first but i didn't put it on until i was in active labour. Our son decided to come in the "2nd beast from the east snow" with drama of car not starting for the first time ever in 6/7 years... got to birthing centre and was over 9cm dilated... got through all that on this TENS machine. Really great buy. As long as you put it on correctly, once you find the program to suit you you'll be well away. Good luck mums-to-be. Many thanks to all the people behind this product. 

4 December 2017

This was a godsend during my labour. It got me to fully dilated without any other pain medicine. The pads need someone to place correctly for you but once on they don't move. It says to discard them once used, but the initial pads got me through 4hrs of practice labour and then 4.5hrs of real labour!! Just be aware that it can interfer with some of the heart beat trackers they use. I was really pleased I had this!! The boost button was excellent when the contractions came on.

12 September 2017

Used this in early labour for Vbac & honesty don't know what I would of done without it!
Really works!
Highly recommend

30 January 2018

My wife could not speak highly enough of this product following her 26 hour labour. From what I have heard some people do not find these machines useful, but in our case, it made such a great difference to the management of my wife's pain, and although she was hesitant to start to use it, she was delighted once she did. 100% delighted to have purchased this.

I just suggest that you make sure that you test out the placement of the pads and how the system/programs work before the big day, so that you are less likely to misuse it and not feel the full benefits of the product. It is a strange sensation but works in taking the edge of the contraction pains.


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