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Last week the wide range of TensCare products has been updated with a new migraine relief unit: Mynd.

Having had a great launch and an informative webinar with Prof. Tim Watson on its capacities and benefits, we have now chatted up Han Wei Lim, our Product Development Manager who's team made the concept of Mynd come true.

Mynd: Behind the Scene 

How long did it approximately take to come up with Mynd?

The Mynd development originally started towards the beginning of 2019. With a rough idea of what we wanted to achieve, over the last 2 years we have researched, designed, developed and tested that rough idea to the finished product you see today.

What inspired creation of Mynd?

We not only felt that there was a big gap in the market but also there was the potential for us to apply our expertise and create a solution that will drastically improve the quality of lives of millions of people all over the world.

What are your personal favorite things about Mynd?

My favourite thing about Mynd, apart from the number of people it can help, is that is easy to use. We understood that some people may feel apprehensive about essentially applying electricity to their foreheads, and so we wanted to reassure them through the quality of the design that Mynd is safe and effective. We purposely kept the interaction of the device simple. We chose to include manual intensity buttons rather than an automatic intensity increase feature to ensure people would understand how to use the product, and most importantly, feel in control at all times.

What was the biggest challenge with Mynd? And how did your team come up with a solution?

We struggled throughout the development process to achieve the optimal performance in terms of adhesion to the forehead, whilst also maintaining the attractive looking product we were after. We found that initial designs were causing the device to pull away from the forehead before the end of a session, which of course was not acceptable. Through great design and thorough testing, the team were able to identify the problems and develop solutions such that Mynd would remain applied to the forehead for the entirety of the session, session after session.

What problems does Mynd solve that the competitors can't?

 Mynd is a natural (and safe) solution to migraines. Not only does Mynd treat migraines by providing effective pain relief but regular use can also help to reduce the frequency and intensity of migraine attacks. We have pushed the limits of what was possible with the device, allowing us to achieve a superior battery life whilst also developing a product that is affordable, and therefore accessible, to a large number of migraine sufferers.

Could you give me a step-by-step guide how Mynd came to be? From the concept to launch day

The Mynd development followed the human-centred design approach the TensCare design team look to adopt for all of our new products. The process is iterative, and our designers focus on the users and their needs in every phase of the design process. Our projects all vaguely follow a design framework of Research, Ideation, Development and Launch. However, each of these phases include a number of fluid stages, which are often interchanged depending on the project’s needs. This balance of structure and flexibility allow us to design and develop considered and effective solutions for our customers. The development of Mynd was no different.

What did you learn from Mynd?

We learnt numerous lessons throughout the development of Mynd, including that some gel pads materials can be extremely difficult to remove from your forehead! However the main thing I take away from the project is how Mynd has reinforced my belief that there is nothing more satisfying the developing a product that can make a real difference to people. At TensCare our focus is always the people we are designing for, and to know something we have created can help people to improve their quality of life is extremely rewarding.


Want to learn more about Mynd? Check it out!

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