Statement for Our Customers in China-TensCare Ltd


Recently, many Chinese customers have contacted us to verify the authenticity of the products they purchased. We discovered a large number of unauthorized products have emerged on “Taobao” and other online shopping platforms in China. Products that have not been sold by an authorized dealer may not be authentic or have a valid warranty.



In view of this, we formally declare:


  1. 我们正在与“Taobao”网进行交涉,要求下架这些非授权商品,并且我们保留对这些商家追究滥用“Tenscare”品牌及相关产品形象的法律责任。

1. We are negotiating with the “Taobao” to request the removal of these unauthorized products, and we reserve the legal responsibility for those merchants to abuse the “Tenscare” brand and related product image.


  1. 为确保了让消费者可以购买到真正的有效的Tenscare产品,我们将中国代理商的信息及授权店铺标注如下,希望保障消费者利益。

2. In order to ensure that consumers can purchase genuine and effective Tenscare products, we will label the information and authorized stores of our Chinese agency as follows, hoping to protect the interests of consumers.



Authorized store links below:



Thank you for choosing Tenscare, we hope that you have a fantastic experience with our products.

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