TensCare Turns 27 Today. Happy Birthday to Us!-TensCare Ltd

Yes, you read it right. Twenty-seven years. This is how long we have been helping people all over the world to win their lives back.  From the primary focus of TENS machines for pain relief during child birth based in UK, in 27 years TensCare has added many new well-being and electrotherapy products to its catalogue, branching out across not just countries but continents. 

Our history is rich on milestones, such as becoming and Employee Owned company on March 1st, 2017 – but our focus is to carry on moving forward. One thing we know for certain is that none of our achievements would have been possible without out people. And our people are the very core of TensCare.  

From production to warehouse to customer service, we are all a big TensCare family. There is no small role here and every person is seen as an individual rather than a cog in a mechanism. Everyone is a boss and everyone’s voice is heard. Our values, ambitions, dreams and aspirations – we share them like a real family and we channel them to the world. 

What unites and keeps us going is our mutual goal of helping people. At TensCare we don’t just do things – we believe in what we do. Our passion is what fuels us to seek new heights. Our genuine faith in our mission is what keeps us working hard every day, all for the sake of every single person out there we can help. 

Finally, we have to thank everyone who has ever got involved with us. Our clients and partners have also made a giant contribution towards who we are today and what we have achieved. Every call, email and message we have ever received served as a reminder we have to carry on moving forward. Every complaint and question raised new challenges to us we thrived to overcome. Every expression of gratitude we have received filled us with joy and had only strengthened our determination to help people.  

Twenty-seven years is a long time. Many things have been done and achieved. We are proud of our past but we do not dwell on it. The most important thing for us is what do we do next.  

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