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The Liberty Mini Probe is specifically designed to suit your body, and can be used as a vaginal or anal probe. 

The Liberty Mini is smaller than our Liberty Vaginal probe for those who need a smaller option, and larger than our anal probe for those who need a larger option. 

The dimensions, smooth outer casing and curved edges mean it is easy to insert and comfortable to use.

The probe has a curved tip for easy insertion, and a ring at the base for easy removal.


1 x Liberty Mini probe
1 x Resealable storage bag
1 x Instructions for use

• Dimensions: 45mm length x 25mm diameter
• Provides comfortable muscle stimulation to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles
• Compatible probe for use with various pelvic floor exercisers
• Can be used intra-vaginally or as an anal probe
• Lightweight and slimline design
• Reusable for up 6 months

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