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It is common knowledge that you can’t go and deliver a baby to a hospital empty handed. Similar to any other prolonged hospital stay, childbirth needs a lot of preparations when it comes to both labour and post-partum. Despite tons of information online, you will find a daunting number of sources that contradict each other and if you’re expecting your first baby it will cause a lot of confusion. 

But don’t worry. At TensCare we have dedicated a lot of time and effort to helping mothers alleviate the pain of childbirth naturally as well as have a long history of working with midwives all over the world. Our list is based on years of observation and involvement. 

List of Essentials for Labour and Post-partum 

  • Nipple Compresses. Breast feeding is nowhere as romantic as the media seems to make it out to beIn fact, it can be very painful. Your nipples may end up being sore and start cracking and this is when nipple compresses will come to your aid.  
  • TENS Unit. TENS is a medically proven way of providing pain relief in childbirth. It is natural and 100% safe. Additionally, our Perfect Mama+ unit will support your recovery after the baby is born, too. 
  • Lanolin. Another remedy for the nipples. Sore, cracked nipples can cause a lot of discomfort when breastfeeding, this safe wax can soothe the pain. Additionally, it is perfectly safe for the baby so you don’t need to wash it off prior to breastfeeding. 
  • Breast Pads. Around day three you will learn that you can’t control the milk leaking and thus breast pads are absolutely essential for your daily life and comfort. It will also very likely to happen (since it is incredibly common) that after breastfeeding on one side, you will experience a ‘let down’ on the other breast. Plus, if you use nipple compresses, breast pads are great for keeping them in place. 
  • Maternity Pads. Post-partum bleeding is a thing and it will be heavy in the first week. From there, it can last from 2 to 6 weeks, so you better stack up on them. In fact, you might find them useful in the childbirth itself, not just after. Sometimes the waters don’t break into a dramatic gush like movies portray and can be a slow, gradual process. If that’s the case, you will end up using quite a few maternity pads before the baby even arrives. In other words, get a lot, for you never know when, how many and for how long will you need them. 
  • Haircare and Shower Supplies. Showering will feel no worse than spa to a new mother. If you have any occasional-treat level shower supplies – this is the best time to use them for you deserve it. Additionally, hair loss is a frequent effect of post-partum, so you might want to invest into a shampoo that kickstarts hair growth. 
  • Skincare. Similarly to shower, following your usual skincare routine may feel less like an everyday ritual and more like a treat from the heavens. When breastfeeding, many women reported feeling dehydrated, and thus adding some moisture and plumping to their face felt truly great. 
  • Water Bottle. As we have already mentioned in the last point – dehydration is common and serious. It is important for a normal person to drink plenty of water daily, and when you are in the fragile state following childbirth is absolutely crucial. Having just delivered a baby might make it difficult for you to move around, so get a big water bottle and have your family or friends top it up whenever it runs dry. 



All in all, what you truly need for childbirth are items that will make you comfortable before, during and after. Delivering a new human is a tough task, which makes it worthwhile to think ahead of all the things you will need to ensure your comfort. 

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