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Wow! That’s the very first words that come to mind as we look back and reflect on our virtual expo that has just passed. 

This year, TensCare has taken an initiative to hold a virtual expo for our distributors, inviting a couple of industry professionals as guest speakers as well as showing off a few (of many!) talents we’ve got in our team. 

Ranging from electrotherapy to treat incontinence to usage of TENS in childbirth, the Expo has covered most of fields we prioritize at TensCare. Not have we only touched upon our existing equipment such as Shockwave but have also expanded on one of the newest additions to our range (should be “range”) – Nailit. Additionally, our product development team were exicted to share what they’re currently working on, introducing products such as UnicareUnigloMynd,

We are truly thankful for everyone who had participated in our virtual expo, asked questions and was as passionate about TENS and EMS as we are. Special thanks go to Teresa Biber LoMonte, Professor Tim Watson, Dr Cindy Shawley, Julia H Herbert, Andrew Brown and David Maxfield.

This was a new experience for us given the current climate and having to step away from traditional trade shows, thus the support and encouragement we have received was truly appreciated.  The virtual expo was a big success thanks to everyone – the speakers and the attendees. We can promise this is not the last one we have scheduled, so better stay tuned.  

If you have accidentally missed our virtual expo – don't worry! All the presentations can be found on our YouTube Channel.  Find the list below: 

The Use of Electrical Stimulation in Pelvic Health – Julia H Herbert 

Modalities of Electrotherapy, Microcurrent – Professor Tim Watson 

Nailit - Andrew Brown 

Shockwave Therapy – David Maxfield 

New Products – TensCare Product Development Team 

The Rehabilitation of Swallowing; The Biber Protocol – Teresa Biber LoMonte 

TENS in Labour – Dr Cindy Shawley 

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