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Electrotherapy Techniques for Improved Facial and Body Tone and Appearance

What Causes The Loss Of Tone And Definition? 

Skeletal muscle mass and strength reduction is a normal part of aging. It can become difficult to maintain the normal body tone and shape you’ve been used to. Changes can be noticed in the face as well, with decreasing face fullness and sagging.


What Can Be Done About It?

Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) is a muscle training therapy that can help to maintain facial and body tone and appearance. The therapy involves the application of an electric current over the desired muscles, so that a muscle contraction is produced. With continuous contractions, the muscles undergo training and improve in strength and tone. In addition, stimulating muscle activity creates a demand for improved local blood flow, which helps clear waste products and provides nutrients and energy to the muscles and surrounding tissues.


How Can TensCare Devices Help?

TensCare has developed several devices to help with body and facial beauty. Our newest, soon to be released device The Allura is an EMS device designed to be easy-to-use at home. It comes with several specific programs that target different body areas, including the face, abs, buttocks, hips, thighs, bust, arms and calves. 

Allura electrotherapy beauty antiwrinkle muscle tonight device

Training of the facial muscles helps to re-gain firmness and lift, common aims of many beauty treatments. As a result, the face looks fuller, and signs of aging can be reduced. Each desired part of the body can also be targeted. Similar to exercise, EMS muscle training provides improved tone and tightness.


How To Use?

Placement of the electrode pads that deliver the electric current is important to ensure muscle contractions are produced. The optimal placement of the electrode pads is over the bulk of the muscle. If that’s not obvious, simply experiment with the electrode pad position until a full contraction can be seen or felt.

Regular, continuous muscle training is essential to see and maintain results. For use on the face, the recommended training schedule is one treatment daily, five days a week. For use on the various body areas, the recommended training schedule is three treatment sessions per week. Generally, results can start to be seen from 6 weeks of use.

Lastly, keeping well hydrated, maintaining good nutrition, and allowing enough time for the muscles to recover are important when performing any muscle training.

TensCare has also developed the Uniglo, another easy-to-use home beauty device. It that comes with the same EMS functions of the Allura, as well as an addition component to further help facial skin appearance.

uniglo anti-wrinkle muscle toning firming beauty device 

What is Microcurrent (MENS)?

Microcurrent stimulation is another type of electrotherapy involving very tiny currents of electricity. These pulses are finely tuned to mimic the body’s normal electrical communication that takes place at the cellular level. As the body ages, many cellular processes begin to slow down. Microcurrent helps stimulate and re-establish many of the cellular processes that keep the body healthily functioning, such as ATP production, protein synthesis, oxygenation, ion exchange and absorption of nutrients. The improvements in cellular processes, reduced inflammation, and increased production and integrity of collagen help to reduce the signs of aging in the skin’s appearance.

TensCare’s Uniglo devices comes with a specific microcurrent program for the face. Similar to EMS, regular use is important to see and maintain results. The recommended treatment schedule is one session, five days a week. Normally, it will take around six weeks to see results.

In contrast to EMS, since microcurrent delivers such small currents of electricity, it often will not generate any sensation or only a gentle tingling sensation. If the sensation is uncomfortable at all, intensity can be reduced step by step.

To learn more about any of our devices or the different electrotherapy modalities, click here.


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