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Our Managing Director Neil Wright purchased TensCare from the other company owners in 2017, and swiftly moved us to being an Employee Owned company, even gifting his shares back to the Trust for the benefit of all staff. This was the first of many incredible and selfless things Neil has done to further and better the company for all owners and the customers we help, and although we believe we are all EO champions, this and many other points detailed in this story is why we have nominated Neil as our EO Champion 2021.  


TensCare Ltd was established in 1993 and has been an Employee Owned Business since 2017, with the majority of shares being held for the benefit of all TensCare Ltd employees in a Trust. This is as a result of our Managing Director, Neil Wright, who not only took over TensCare by buying out previous owners, but by gifting his shares back into the trust for the benefit of the owners. This meant there was a chance he would not profit at all from the business for the first 2 years, and was a truly selfless act to benefit all of us staff members. This is one of the many reasons why we believe Neil is an EO Champion.


TensCare went on to be awarded Employee Owned Rising Star Award 2018, and has recently won The Queen’s Award for Enterprise, which could not have been done without the hard work and dedication of all of the owners. We currently have 38 owners, 4 of whom have been elected as Trustees to be the bridge between the employees and the directors to ensure everybody’s voice is heard, and to ensure the maintenance of EO culture. TensCare prides itself in creating permanent careers, resulting in company longevity, low staff turnover, and a feeling of security for every owner.


TensCare Team EO Day


We have evolved since our conception in 1994 to become Europe’s largest Manufacturer and distributor of TENS machines. We provide drug-free pain relief for the long-term treatment of chronic pain conditions and the relief of the acute pain of childbirth. Additionally, we have created units for muscle rehabilitation for post injury or trauma, Pelvic Floor Exercisers for the improvement of incontinence and relief from bladder weaknesses as well as erectile dysfunction, and aesthetic devices for lifting, toning, and wrinkle reduction. We are committed to a continuous research and development programme, which ensures that each and every TensCare product benefits from the most advanced digital technology available. This ensures that our products provide unrivalled levels of pain relief and long-term therapy. We do this because we know the positive difference our products make to the lives of hundreds of thousands of users and the benefit that has for them and their community.


We have quite a large online presence so were not hit as hard by the Coronavirus outbreak as many other businesses, it did however require us to adapt to working from home, some working around childcare needs, and even taking on new staff members without being able to conduct face to face interviews. Neil has ensured that this process has been smooth and stress free for all owners by treating us as owners and encouraging everyone to have their say in the process, as well as showing such a high level of understanding for each owner’s personal situation. This has had a positive impact on all staff and the business itself, as it has allowed us to remain confident, strong, and united through the trials and tribulations caused by both the Coronavirus outbreak, and the changes to EU VAT laws. By being employee owners, we feel proud to be playing our part to ensure the business we own remains resilient. The hard work of all owners has meant that even in these tough times we have continued to profit, with said profits being distributed to all owners in the form of a Christmas bonus at the end of 2020. Neil was delighted for us to have this bonus, and often speaks of wanting to give staff stability so they can travel, get a mortgage, improve their life and chase their dreams, as well as giving a legacy for future generations.


Neil speaks highly of Employee Ownership and often reminds owners what it means to be a part of it, telling us to raise our voices and take ownership in projects, and allowing us to self manage as owners, as well as encouraging engagement in webinars and planning fantastic inclusive events for EO celebrations. This selflessness is not exclusive to TensCare owners, with Neil looking to join many other companies and support them to progress and achieve like TensCare has, most recently FSB. In addition to this, Neil had approached a number of universities to collaborate with soon-to-be Product Design graduates, the aim being to develop a new range of devices for the business, as well as create opportunity for students to exercise the skills they had picked up over the 4 years. This subsequently resulted in full-time employment for one of the students, who is now on our Board of Trustees, proudly supporting the TensCare EO culture.


Neil purchased the company for the benefit of us all, and encouraged us all to try, telling us that even if we made a mistake, it becomes an experience, something you can learn from. Some of the motivating factors behind going employee owned were increased productivity, increased profitability, and employee retention, but it brought us so much more than that. A voice, a feeling of family, and the freedom to share our ideas and build the company as a team where everyone’s input is valued. None of this would not have been possible without our EO Champion and Managing Director, Neil Wright.


It is not about the awards or prizes along the way that we have been
able to celebrate; these have been the happy by product of
our ambitions to improve the quality of life for others by working
together, bringing our best selves and together being
greater than the sum of the parts
. #BetterTogether” – Neil Wright #BetterTogether

Neil on the TensCare Ball



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