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Nail fungus... If you have ever dealt with it, you know first-hand it does not look too aesthetically pleasing. The market is full of nail fungus treatment means, ranging from creams to nail varnishes, but none of them truly focuses on the looks of the fungal nail. This is why we have created our latest device – Nailit. 

Unlike majority of the traditional nail fungus treatments, NailIt is a nail cleaning laser device. The purpose of this product is to treat the embarrassing looks that come for the fungal decease. How do you know if it truly works? To put it simply: you will see it.  

The device is small and compact, as well as it is USB charged, therefore you can take it with you wherever you go. Have you been postponing the holiday because of the nail fungus? Don’t worry, take Nailit with you – it doesn’t take much space! And all it requires to achieve the results is a session as short as 7 minutes a day. 

Nailit has a double-hinge, therefore it is suitable for both, fingers and toenails. To ensure cleanliness of your nails, Nailit uses two types of light for radiation: infrared and blue. While this is not a medical device, our nail cleaning laser surely improves the look of nail fungus and contributes towards the overall beauty of your hands.  

Small but effective is what describes Nailit the best. To add to its list of advantages it is also worth mentioning that the nail fungus laser treatment using it is completely painless and brings no side effects, therefore it is completely safe to be used by pregnant women. The only viable caution we can give (yes, the device is this safe!) is to keep it on your toes and fingers, away from your eyes.  

We are super proud of our new product and we can’t wait to deliver it to you. For this reason we are currently running a giveaway for Nailit on our social media. Why don’t you try your luck? 

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