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The debate on pros and cons out nightlights in the nursery is still ongoing, but at TensCare we like having our input; or rather a conclusion. We can, for a fine fact, say that a nightlight on its own does miracles to both, babies and parents. And squeezable nightlight is a new level of that. 

Let’s go right into the action. The key benefits of a squeezable nightlight are such: 

  • It is easier for the parents to check on the baby when there is soft illumination; 
  • Waking up at night won’t be so stressful for the baby – not only will they see the environment they recognize but will also have a toy to squeeze; 
  • It gives comfort to children who are scared of the dark; 
  • Illumination that’s not too hard to adjust during midnight diaper changes. 

The functionality and purpose of children’s nightlight is pretty simple. It is aimed to aid young kids with fear of the dark, also known as nyctophobia. Whether they wake up from a nightmare or unrelated causes, a warm illumination emitted from the device without the parent needing to turn the major light on. Having a reassurance overall tends to soothe babies back to sleep as they come to feel the sense of familiarity with their environment. A squeezable night strengthens the said sense by giving the child extra touch sensation. 

Basically, when the baby wakes up in the middle of the night, they won’t be scared of being in the dark, unknown environment. Additionally, they will have the source of light to also give them a sense of security through touching. This is still a pretty new concept, but we actually have one of these in our range! Check out eBoo Children’s Nightlight.  

Parents benefit from a children’s nightlight as well – it gives the opportunity of checking on the baby without having to turn the light on or waking them up accidentally. Although odd strange patterns and getting interrupted sleep is inevitable with a new baby, delicate light emitted from a night lamp will help you avoid obstacles on your way to the nursery. 

The way our squeezable nightlight eBoo works allows you to go back to sleep easily after. Unlike the bright lights of usual lamps, dim light of the children’s nightlight doesn’t alert your brain to become active, therefore it won’t jar you awake. 

Finally, they’re a much better solution in terms of bills. Unlike ceiling lights, nightlights use a whole lot less electricity, if any at all. Our eBoo is a portable, battery-ran squeezable nightlight, and thus you won’t even need to recharge it, contributing towards cutting your power bill down ever so slightly. 

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