45% to 65% of Sports injuries are Back , Elbow Knee and Wrist let reduced that. HOW?-TensCare Ltd


Regular visits to the golf course, tennis court or gym are an important part of many peoples routine, and are a great way to look after mental and physical wellbeing. However, the pain that follows can really dampen that joy.

While sports and fitness training are a therapeutic way to remain active and relieve stress, the potential for a sports injury is high. The repetitive motions involved can have an massive effect on the body.

45% to 65% of sports injuries are injuries to the back, elbow, knee and wrist. These injuries not only stop your training in it's tracks, but can also cause problems in your general life. To combat this, we created Sports TENS 2, a device that not only reduces the chances of sports injuries occurring, but also enhances your workout and provides massage for sore muscles.

Using EMS and TENS devices with a massage function before and after your game or gym session improves circulation and recovery, making for better workouts and great injury treatment. Sports TENS 2 provides relief and treatment for back pain, injured rotator cuff, Golf or Tennis Elbow and many other types of general, acute and chronic pain.


Drug free muscle building, pain relief, massage and injury healing. Reduce your rest time and get back out there! 


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