Three Wins for TensCare at the Project Baby Awards!

TensCare are delighted to announce that we were awarded not one, not two, but THREE awards at the Project Baby Awards 2022. 

Project Baby partner with real mums to test and review maternity products, and they loved our Perfect Mama+ and Nouri breast pumps!

The first winner was our Perfect Mama+ Maternity TENS, used to provide drug free labour pain relief that is controlled by the mother.

Perfect mama+ Maternity TENS for Labour Pain Relief || TensCare

Clinically proven, NHS and midwife recommended, and loved by mums, our maternity TENS devices have been helping mums around the world for over 30 years. The Perfect Mama+ is our newest Maternity TENS, with new features such as a contraction timer to measure the time between and the duration of your contractions so you know how far along you are, as well as breast pads to be used with the device to stimulate and maintain milk production. 


The second winner was our Nouri Auto electric breast pump, part of our Nouri Pump range.

TensCare Nouri Auto Electric Breast Pump || Project Baby Award Winner

The Nouri Auto is part of our new Nouri Pump range, which was designed with the help of mums to ensure a feature packed pump that provides everything you could possibly want, without compromising on appearance. By combining technology with style, the Nouri Auto has a host of features designed to make pumping quicker, easier and more enjoyable and will also look great sat on your counter. 


Our third and final winner is another member of the Nouri Pump family, the Nouri Duo dual electric breast pump

TensCare Nouri Duo Automatic Breast Pump || Project Baby Award Winner

The Nouri Duo is a dual pump that can be used for single or double breast pumping for the ultimate fast, effective and comfortable pump. With the same excellent features as the Nouri Auto but with even more customisation options, the Nouri Duo has been described a "best friend" to breastfeeding mothers. All our pumps are BPA free and dishwasher safe, so they're as easy to clean as they are to use. 

We are honoured to have been making ground-breaking maternity products for over 30 years to help mums through their motherhood journey. The awards we have won along the way have been so exciting, but our greatest driver is our mission to improve the lives of our customers and those around them.

TensCare Maternity TENS and Breast Pumps


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