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1.5V AA Alkaline Battery (Pack of 8)-Batteries & Chargers-TensCare Ltd
AAA Alkaline Batteries (Pack of 10)-Batteries & Chargers-TensCare Ltd
Alivia Pelvic Floor Exerciser-Incontinence-TensCare LtdAlivia Pelvic Floor Exerciser-Incontinence-TensCare Ltd
Alivia Pelvic Floor Exerciser
Sale price£63.08
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Allura Toning and Shaping-Beauty-TensCare LtdAllura Toning and Shaping-Beauty-TensCare Ltd
Allura Toning and Shaping
Sale price£56.00
Save 70%
Anti-aging Light Therapy-Beauty-TensCare LtdAnti-aging Light Therapy-Beauty-TensCare Ltd
Anti-aging Light Therapy
Sale price£15.00 Regular price£49.99
Beauty Max Beauty Therapy DeviceBeauty Max Beauty Therapy-Beauty-TensCare Ltd
Beauty Max Beauty Therapy
Sale price£229.00
Breast / Pectoral Electrode Pads-Electrode Pads-TensCare LtdBreast / Pectoral Electrode Pads-Electrode Pads-TensCare Ltd
Breast / Pectoral Electrode Pads
Sale price£15.70
Butterfly Electrode Pads-Electrode Pads-TensCare Ltd
Charging Cradle for Elise Battery-Batteries & Chargers-TensCare Ltd
Charging Cradle for Elise Battery
Sale price£9.75
Charging Cradle for Li-ion Battery for Flexistim-Batteries & Chargers-TensCare LtdCharging Cradle for Li-ion Battery for Flexistim-Batteries & Chargers-TensCare Ltd
Circle Electrode Pads 25mm-Electrode Pads-TensCare LtdCircle Electrode Pads 25mm-Electrode Pads-TensCare Ltd
Circle Electrode Pads 25mm
Sale priceFrom £9.96
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Clinell Antibacterial Wipes-Cleaning & Lubricant-TensCare Ltd
Clinell Antibacterial Wipes
Sale price£6.50
Digi Duckling-Maternity & Baby-TensCare LtdDigi Duckling-Maternity & Baby-TensCare Ltd
Eboo Nightlight-Maternity & Baby-TensCare LtdEboo Nightlight-Maternity & Baby-TensCare Ltd
Eboo Nightlight
Sale price£10.60
Electrode Pads 50x100mm-Electrode Pads-TensCare LtdElectrode Pads 50x100mm-Electrode Pads-TensCare Ltd
Electrode Pads 50x100mm
Sale priceFrom £12.00
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Electrode Pads 50x50mm-Electrode Pads-TensCare LtdElectrode Pads 50x50mm-Electrode Pads-TensCare Ltd
Electrode Pads 50x50mm
Sale priceFrom £7.10
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Electrode Pads 50x90mm-Electrode Pads-TensCare LtdElectrode Pads 50x90mm-Electrode Pads-TensCare Ltd
Electrode Pads 50x90mm
Sale priceFrom £7.50
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Elise 2 charger 1000mA-Batteries & Chargers-TensCare LtdElise 2 charger 1000mA-Batteries & Chargers-TensCare Ltd
Elise 2 charger 1000mA
Sale price£13.13
Elise and Kegel Fit Lead Set (Green mini-USB)-Leads-TensCare Ltd
Save 30%
Elise and Kegel Fit Single Lead (Green mini-USB)-Leads-TensCare Ltd
Elise and Kegel Fit Single Lead (Green mini-USB)
Sale price£5.80 Regular price£8.30
Save 42%
Elise Li-on Battery
Elise Li-on Battery
Sale price£8.70 Regular price£14.95

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