Pre Application

Before applying electrode pads, be sure to wash the skin with warm soapy water to remove any dirt, oil or creams that may be present on the skin. The presence of oils and debris can degrade electrode pads and cause problems with adhesion.

Application and Removal

Turn off the TENS unit before applying and removing the electrodes. Peel electrodes gently from the corner, do not pull on the wire. 


Electrodes are water-based and may dry out. Between uses they should be stored on the plastic shield in their re-sealable bag and kept in a cool place out of direct sunlight.

Dried-out electrodes

If the electrode gel becomes dry, either spray the gel side with a fine mist of water, or apply a drop of water to the gel side and spread around with fingertip. Leave the electrode for about 10 minutes until it recovers its tackiness.

Over-wet or sticky electrodes

If the electrode gel becomes too soft and sticky, place the electrode in a refrigerator for a few hours, sticky side up.

Electrode life

The life of an electrode varies depending on skin conditions and skin preparation. Electrodes should last about 30 applications. Once tackiness is lost and no longer recoverable you should replace the electrodes.


If your TENS machine is not working properly, you can view our FAQ here.


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