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Showing 73 - 96 of 98 products
Ova+ USB Charging Cable-Batteries & Chargers-TensCare Ltd
Ova+ USB Charging Cable
Sale price£12.61
Ova+ USB Charging Cable White-Batteries & Chargers-TensCare Ltd
Ova+ USB Charging Cable White
Sale price£12.61
Perfect BEAUTY-Beauty-TensCare LtdPerfect BEAUTY-Beauty-TensCare Ltd
Perfect BEAUTY
Sale price£205.00
Perfect EMS-Fitness & Recovery-TensCare LtdPerfect EMS-Fitness & Recovery-TensCare Ltd
Perfect EMS
Sale price£69.20
Perfect mama+-Maternity & Baby-TensCare LtdPerfect mama+-Maternity & Baby-TensCare Ltd
Perfect mama+
Sale price£44.99
Perfect mamaTENSPerfect mamaTENS-Maternity & Baby-TensCare Ltd
Perfect mamaTENS
Sale price£34.99
Perfect MamaTENS Electrode Pads-Maternity & Baby-TensCare Ltd
Perfect MamaTENS Electrode Pads
Sale price£13.99
Perfect PFE for Men-Incontinence-TensCare LtdPerfect PFE for Men-Incontinence-TensCare Ltd
Perfect PFE for Men
Sale price£79.00
Perfect TENS Pain Relief-Pain Relief-TensCare LtdPerfect TENS Pain Relief-Pain Relief-TensCare Ltd
Perfect TENS Pain Relief
Sale price£39.98
Shockwave-Fitness & Recovery-TensCare LtdShockwave-Fitness & Recovery-TensCare Ltd
Sale price£5,200.00
Sonic Stim+-Pain Relief-TensCare LtdSonic Stim+-Pain Relief-TensCare Ltd
Sonic Stim+
Sale price£215.00
Sports TENS 2-Fitness & Recovery-TensCare LtdSports TENS 2-Fitness & Recovery-TensCare Ltd
Sports TENS 2
Sale price£79.00
Sports TENS 2, Sure Pro and Flexistim Leads-Leads-TensCare Ltd
Sports TENS and Sure Pro Multi-Charger-Batteries & Chargers-TensCare Ltd
Sure PRO-Incontinence-TensCare LtdSure PRO-Incontinence-TensCare Ltd
Sure PRO
Sale price£109.00
Sure Pro, Flexistim and Sports TENS Li-ion Battery-Batteries & Chargers-TensCare LtdSure Pro, Flexistim and Sports TENS Li-ion Battery-Batteries & Chargers-TensCare Ltd
Save £41.00 GBP
Sure+ Pelvic Floor Exerciser-Incontinence-TensCare LtdSure+ Pelvic Floor Exerciser-Incontinence-TensCare Ltd
Sure+ Pelvic Floor Exerciser
Sale price£79.00 Regular price£120.00
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Target TENS and TENS One Leads-Leads-TensCare Ltd
Target TENS and TENS One Leads
Sale price£12.61
TENS One-Pain Relief-TensCare LtdTENS One-Pain Relief-TensCare Ltd
Sale price£35.00
Tortoo Bath Thermometer-Maternity & Baby-TensCare LtdTortoo Bath Thermometer-Maternity & Baby-TensCare Ltd
Tortoo Bath Thermometer
Sale price£9.99
Tree to be Planted-TensCare Ltd
Tree to be Planted
Sale price£0.80
Unicare-Incontinence-TensCare LtdUnicare-Incontinence-TensCare Ltd
Sale price£150.00
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Unigel 100ml-Beauty-TensCare LtdUnigel 100ml-Beauty-TensCare Ltd
Unigel 100ml
Sale price£18.50
Uniglo Beauty Therapy-Beauty-TensCare LtdUniglo Beauty Therapy-Beauty-TensCare Ltd
Uniglo Beauty Therapy
Sale price£165.00

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